Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Body Parts

My attempt of making a virtual art exhibition dedicated to bodies and body parts...

 Weight, 2007 by Alyssa Monks
The oild painting is by Eric Zenes
Hilo Chen's hyper realistic painting
Hilo Chen's hyper realistic painting
Hilo Chen's hyper realistic painting
Jonathan Ducruix
Tim Hawkinson - Fruit, 2004
Shoulder Hill ValleyCarl Warner
Twin PeaksCarl Warner
The Cave of Abdo-menCarl Warner
Shin Knee Valley, Carl Warner 
Valley of the Reclining Woman
Valley of Wrecking Woman, Carl Warner

That remind me of ...

and a cover of artwork by Manu Cossu (Olivia Jourde layout) for Sébastien Tellier's 2008 Sexuality album 


Coke Wisdom O’Neal with "non-traditional forms of portraiture"
Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Artist Dino Valls before fully dedicating himself to arts was studying anatomy
Above is his painting Sigilla, 2011

Luke Williams
Julia Randall
Tim Hawkinson - Emoter, 2002 
Altered Ink-Jet Print, Monitor, Stepladder & Mechanical Components
Sophie Cave's installation in Edinburgh's library 
Kate MacDowell
Kate MacDowell
Kate MacDowell
Helen Pynor
The Body is a Big Place, 2013, Helen Pynor

Ho Ryon Lee's overlapping images - this is an oil painting!
Leah Yerpe
Mark Sarco's Racy Composite
Tim Plamper
Marina Abramovic
Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Belgium photographer Christophe Gilbert
Shirin Neshat
Ana Rajcevic
Diana Eastman
Lisa Nilsson

Body Parts title is inspired by Rapfael Saadiq's song

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