Sunday, 1 September 2013

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Unbearable Lightness of Being is a title of a book I read few years back. 
These images probably depict this controversial statement...

Over  the City, Marc Chagall
Natsumi Hayashi's Today's Levitation, Saturday, 06.09.2011
Natsumi Hayashi's Today's Levitation, Saturday, 06.04.2011
Hossein Zare
John Clang
Beata Rydén
Berndnaut Smilde. His clouds made it to TIME's top 10 inventions if 2012
Louis Lander Deacon
Sam Taylor Woods
Bence Bakonyi
Bence Bakonyi
Vikram Kushwah. Ofelia and The Flying Balloons
Carriage, 60 x 70, oil on canvas, 2010
Eric Zener. Carriage, 60 x 70, oil on canvas, 2010
Vikram Kushwah. The Fireplace
Maria Abramovic. The Levitation of Saint Teresa, 2010
Maria Konstanse Bruun. When Matters are out of Place
Thomas Edetun. Levitation
Scattered by Zena Holloway
Simon McCheungI can't Wake Up
Gregory Colbert. Ashes on Snow
Underwater Dreams. Nymphs by Katerina Bodrunova

Angel 5 by Zena Holloway

Phoebe Rudomino, Still from Johnson & Johnson's 'Imagine' Total Hydration body wash TV commercial, HomeCorp., 2006, C-Print. Source: Saatchi Online
Jvdas Berra
Helen Pynor
Eric Zener. Taking Flight
Feet |fēt| by  Richard Brocken
Adeline Mai

Adeline Mai

Lizzie Buckmaster Dove

Jeremy Geddy
Jonathan Ducruix

Stephen Beadles

Bara Prasilova

Julia Fullerton-Batten
Memoirs of Lost Time (Emily Falling in Library), Vikram Kushwah

Martin StrankaI Was Falling High 
Patricio Cassinoni. Floating Around 

Natsumi Hayashi'sToday's Levitation,Monday  05.30.12

Maurizio Cattelan. Novecento, 1997Chinese Jewel Box by Katerina Bodrunova
Time after Time,  Blow up Series (ed of 6) AP 2/2
Ori Gersht. Time After Time & Blow Up. 2007

Sue Blackwell.
Sue Blackwell. Nature in Britain, 2012

surreal "Flying Houses" by French photographer Laurent Chehere
French photographer Thomas Subtil for his entertaining series Hakuna Matata or No Worries
Yang Yongliang
Giuseppe Lo Schiavo
Ahmet Ogut
Melania Brescia
Danielle Julian Norton

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