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New Old

Contemporary artists nowadays experiment with traditional arts (Faiq Akhmed or Murat Palta) or refer to easily recognizable art pieces by reinventing their form/representation (Vik Muniz, Alejandra Zapata, Rauf Mammadov) or giving a new interpretation to these iconic images (Kristyna Milde, Banksy, Eugenia Gapchinska, Alex H. Parker).

Below is the compilation of works in various techniques by very different artists united under a wide name "new old"

Vik Muniz

Started as a sculptor, visual artist Vik Muniz is probably the most best known contemporary artist recreating famous imagery from art history or pop culture with everyday objects such as chocolate, pasta, puzzles, waste or some luxury ones such as diamonds or black caviar.

 Olympia after Manet, Wasteland project
Atlanta and Hippomenes after Guido Reni. Wasteland project 
The Birth of Venus after Boticelli. Wasteland project
 Saturn Devouring His Son after Goya. Wasteland project
 Narcissus after Caravaggio. Wasteland project
Medusa after Caravaggio
 Medusa after Caravaggio
The Death of Marat after David. Wasteland project
One of the models who live in the Wasteland
School of Athens after Raphael
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte after Seurat 
Mona Lisa after Leonardo Da Vinci
The Tower of Babel after Bruegel

Chad Wys

Nick van Woert


Eugenia Gapchinska 

Eugenia calls herself "Happiness Supplier #1" and indeed creates very positive art. Below are the images from Alice's Dreams book. 

Alice's Dreams
Alice's Dreams
Alice's Dreams

Heldrik Kerstens

Dutch artist likes to experiment with "daily objects" converting them into medieval head wear. 

Bubble Wrap
Paper Roll 

Davide Quayola 

A London-based visual artist, or better, architect, transforms the reality, "investigates dialogues and the unpredictable collisions, tensions and equilibriums between the real and artificial, the figurative and abstract, the old and new" (Vimeo channel). 

Bence Hajdu

Another "architect" of painted reality erases people or animals leaving famous paintings abandoned and deserted. 

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci 
Seaport with the Embarkation of St. Ursula (1641) after Claude Lorrain
Oath of the Horatii (1784) after Jacques-Louis David  
The Skating Minister (1790s) after Raeburn
Oculus in the camera degli sposi (1473) after Andrea Mantegna  

Murat Palta

“A miniaturist creates his art by heeding his conscience and by obeying the principles in which he believes, fearing nothing. he pays no attention to what his enemies, the zealots and those who envy him have to say.” 
― Orhan PamukMy Name is Red

In the times that book describes, a miniaturist was assassinated because of his revolutionary very Western-like style of drawing.  Nowadays we can only admire sense of humor and idea of Murat. In his graduation portfolio West (cinema) meets East (Ottoman miniatures).  

 Star Wars
Star Wars, Detail
Star Wars, Detail
Star Wars, Detail
 Alien, Details
 Goodfellas, Detail
   Inception, Dretail
  Inception, Dretail
 Kill BiII
  Kill BiII, Dretail
  Kill BiII, Dretail
 Kill BiII, Dretail 
 The Pulp Fiction 
Scarface, Detail
Scarface, Detail
Terminator II 
 Terminator II, detail
Terminator II, detail

Faiq Akhmed

Faiq's art is directed towards transforming traditional boundaries of Eastern tradition icon, a carpet, beyond any recognition - he distorts or pixelizes the patterns, colors them into unusual colors or even adds some cartoon-like creatures. 

Carpet Equalizer, 200 x 230 cm Plastic, woolen handmade carpet 2012
 Conversation, 150 X 100 sm Woolen handmade carpet 2011
Tradition in Pixels, 150 X 100 sm Woolen handmade carpet 2011
Rabbit, 150 X 100 cm Woolen handmade carpet 2011

Wim Devoye


Ah Xian

Another artist reinterpreting ancient craft is Chinese artist Ah Xian currently living in Australia who uses traditional Chinese art materials and techniques such as jade, cloisonne, bronze, porcelain and lacquer-ware to form contemporary sculptures. 

Kristyna Milde

Czech artist recreates famous paintings with blond or dark hair naked Barbie dolls - an attempt to "show the similarities between stereotypical representation in the past and the present time." 

The Dressed Maja After Goya, 2008. Source: Flickr
The Naked Maja After Goya, 2008. Source: Flickr
Consequences of war after Rubens, 2008. Source: Flickr

Alejandra Zapata

Mexican photographer paraphrases iconic historical images bringing them into context "so confusing and indeterminate in the present social and cultural aspect" (artist's Saatchi Online profile). 

 Re-production of Breakfast on the grass
 Re-productrion of Gabrielle d'Estrees and one of her Sister
The Meninas

Re-production of The Last Supper

Rauf Mammadov

 The Last Supper photo features models with Down's Syndrome in Moscow's Frolov Gallery

The Last Supper, Detail
The Last Supper, Detail

REMAKE photo project

Hispter in Stone photo project by Léo Caillard and Alexis Persani

Check out more of Hipster in Stone here

Alex H. Parker

Van Gogh's The Starry Night painting gets the whole new meaning if done with a collage of images done by Hubble telescope 

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