Friday, 5 July 2013


The idea of starting an art/lifestyle blog has spurred in my mind while rambling on the streets of Zurich where Christmas was already present. Back in the city that I tend to call “home” or “base” as my frugal belongings consisting of clothes, collection of around 80 types of tea and all kind of other items are stored there while I cycle the world for work and pleasure, we had Sant'Ambroggio, the city’s patron celebration. Stopping too often at Sprungli before I ended up going to the Nahmad family private collection exhibition I discovered a remarkable piece called "Speechless Gray Horse" (2004) by the Flemish artist Berlinde de Bruyckere at the end of our tour of Kunsthaus Zurich. 


Zurich air and our spontaneous cultural program was inspiring: I decided to write about that horse and even create a blog. Uber-excited I’ve started, then, I went to London, unintentionally willingly missed my flight back to Milan for a corporate Christmas party (setting a tradition to skip this celebration for the upcoming years while working for this company), bought instead a ticket through la Manche to Paris to spend time with a dear friend, got back to work… and lost the file with my horsy-notes as well as motivation to write.

So a bit more than 1,5 years later I haven’t found my original post, but an inspiration together with energy to write knocked on my hotel room.

So, who am I? Waggishly, I call myself a “contemporary nomad” as this nickname best describes from one side, my professional nomadism of a consultant for whom staying in hotel rooms is more common than in her own apartment, for whom commuting means taking at least a three-hour flight. From the other my essence cannot be split apart from my passion to art, contemporary art in particular, and attempts of making a “mobile” art while I travel for work some examples of which you can find here.

A social butterfly, for the next two weeks I am entrapped in Almaty city that one of my friends “had (to) look up <…> on the map... " and concluded that "it has to be extremely exotic”. And yes, it is, even for me. People here primarily eat horse meat and so had we during a dinner with our clients two months. My Italian manager while chewing a piece of local delicacy beshbarmak politically-correctly noted that “in Italy horses have names and we treat them as pets, they are like a part of our family”. After that dinner we all had stomach problems and strong decision of never drinking neither horse, nor camel milk even as a courtesy to the hosts.

And yesterday I unwillingly saw isles of slaughtered horse meet (probably piggy wiggy Chaim Soutin would be uber pumped to create more of his meat art after this encounter). The smell of unrefrigerated decaying meat under 30C heat incited in my mind a mental link with the dead horse from Zurich and reminded about my long-time desire to start a blog. So, here is my attempt to talk about everything I like or that surprises me. Hope, you will stay with me despite my creepy horse-association links! 

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