Saturday, 25 January 2014

Kirill Khrustalev's Neighbours: A Sentimental Journey Around the Room

This is the first of a series of the post Arty Summer 2013 of going through my archives and uploading photos from the exhibitions I have been to and still have not gone through photos yet. 

I present to your attention a witty conceptual exhibition Neighbours at Pechersky Gallery located on Moscow's Winzavod territory by Kiril Khrustalev from Saint-Petersburg. 

Kirill Khrustalev, Matter and Stone, 2009
Kirill Khrustalev, Cup with Banded Ear, 2011 
 Kirill Khrustalev, Sorrow, 2012 
  Kirill Khrustalev, Matchpeg (Impatient), 2009
 Kirill Khrustalev, Shoot (Росток), 2013
 Kirill Khrustalev, Laocoon and his sons, 2010
 Kirill Khrustalev, Antique, 2012
Kirill Khrustalev, Vesuvi for Tea, 2011 
 Kirill Khrustalev, The Great Bear, 2012
 Kirill Khrustalev, Reached the Bottom at 17:03, 23.03.2012
 Kirill Khrustalev, The Honest Bottletop, 2012
 Kirill Khrustalev, Sunset at the Top, 2009
 Kirill Khrustalev, Escape, 2009 
   Kirill Khrustalev, The Thirst for Things, 2011 
  Kirill Khrustalev, The Last Leaf, 2010  
Kirill Khrustalev, On Rare Discases of the Retina, 2011 
Kirill Khrustalev, The Golden Rush, 2012 
 Kirill Khrustalev, Caterpillar, 2011
 Kirill Khrustalev, I am Working With Form, 2012

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