Thursday, 14 November 2013

Art in Fashion

If you don't have millions to afford original Damien Hirst's piece, find a set of 12 plates quite pricey as well as a skull for ca.€4000 a bit too much for a small and useless interior design object, now you can buy something arty yet practical to cover your neck from approaching winter cold and wind. 

Starting from today a limited collection of contemporary artist's designs for Alexander McQueen brand is found in stores. I admit to like Hirst as a textile designer more than an artist, maybe because I like scarves and crave for the one of McQueen.

Probably, the history of collaboration between art and fashion goes even beyond Salvador Dali's drawing a lobster on for Elsa Schiaparelli's dress. Btw, do you know that Dali was an exceptional jewelry designer: when he was short in money and his paintings were not sold he was doing exclusive and exquisite jewelry pieces. My favorite is brooch with a mechanism that imitates human's beating heart  (according to doctors mechanical heart pulsates as a real one).

Among recent portable art projects, I can recall Louis Vuitton's summer 2012 collaboration with Yayoi Kusama that allowed to embellished her recognizable dots on bags and sunglasses, turning them into eccentric accessories and Anselm Reyle for Dior in 2011. Who will be next?

Since high-end fashion brand designers and stars make limited edition collection for H&M, some contemporary artists should join them as well making early 20th century communist slogan "Искусство в массы" ("Art into Masses") reach fashion masses. Do you think this might dilute gallery and auction prices for these artists' works? 

February 6, 2014 addition: 

Inspired by Andy Warhol and model Twiggy, Pop Wrap Limited Edition collection celebrates DVF's 40 year anniversary of the wrap dress. The video is made by Alia Penner.

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