Thursday, 21 November 2013

The False Mirror and Sky Blue

To celebrate Rene Magritte's, one of my favorite artist, birthday and inspired by MoMA and a Tumblr blog that links Queen B's song lines to artworks, I have decided to unite my favorite artists and poets. The poem by Baratashvili (1841) is as if it written as a description to Magritte's The False Mirror painting. 

Rene Magritte, The False Mirror, 1928

Sky-Blue by Nikoloz Baratashvili (1841)

The azure blue, the heavenly hue,
The first created realm of blue; 
And o'er its radiance divine 

My soul does pour its love sublime. 
My heart that once with laughter glowed 
Of grief, now bears a heavy load. 
But yet it thrills and loves anew 
To view again the sapphire blue. 
I love to gaze on lovely eyes 
That swim in azure from the skies; 
The heavens lend this colour fair, 
And leave a dream of gladness there. 
Enamoured of the limpid sky, 
My thoughts take wing to regions high, 
And in that blue of liquid fire 
In raptured ecstasy expire. 
When I am dead no tears will flow 
Upon my lonely grave below, 
But from above the aerial blue 
Will scatter o'er me tears of dew. 
The mists about my tomb will wind 
A veil of pearl with shadows twined, 
But lured by sunbeams from on high 
'Twill melt into the azure sky. 

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